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The Original Grandma ~ Grandma Connie

I would like to introduce you to the grandma who has taught me and inspired me to be a GoodGrandma. Please give it up for Grandma Connie!!! Connie is my mom, grandma to my kids, and Granny to my grandchildren. She is the ultimate grandma. She has many traditions, activities, games, treats, gifts, etc. that …

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May 2018 Thoughts from Grandma’s Camp

At what age do have grandchildren attend Grandma’s Camp? There are several opinions on what age to start having sleepovers with the grandkids; seven and up, potty trained, sleeping through the night, etc. At Camp Grandma with Grandma Connie, she had the grandkids who were eight or turning eight in the year come to her house for …

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Family Vacation Preparations

Two years ago Richard and I took our combined family to play at the beach in California. We affectionately call our combined families The McRife’s (McCann and Rife combined). While in California we took the entire crowd to Sea World. Rich and I both felt that it was a once in a lifetime trip to …

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Family Vacation Preparations Continued

GoodGrandma℠ Family Vacation Preparations Continued… Here are a few of the things we have planned for the grandkids while we are all together enjoying the sunshine: Daily Themes ~ Dinner Themes: Toy Story (Pizza from “Pizza Planet”), Coco (Tacos with a Mexican Fiesta), Cars (Hamburgers & Hotdogs at a 50’s Diner), and Moana (Hawaiian Haystacks at a luau). Morning Activities/Crafts: Little Mermaid (bubbles and Wikki Stix (seaweed)), Frozen (Frozen character …

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Family Vacation/Reunion Recap

Okay, we made it! GoodGrandma℠ survived a large family vacation! The preparation paid off, but we would like to also share suggestions of things we learned along the way. Here is the good, the bad, and things we would do differently: Day 1 ~ Arriving: I learned we needed a plan in place for lunch as …

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