Our mission at GoodGrandma is to Give Grandmas Good IDEAS! Ideas about:

  • Building strong relationships with our grandchildren
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays and holiday traditions
  • Travel
  • Children’s literature
  • Gift-giving
  • Making memories
  • Supporting our grandchildren’s parents
  • And many other topics

GoodGrandma is a place for grandmas and grandpas to share information and stories, all with the purpose of becoming better grandparents. We are a whole new generation of tech-savvy grandmothers; okay, not as tech savvy as our grandchildren, but more so than the generation that came before us. We can use technology to become better grandparents. We can use it to keep track of our grandchildren and to make sure we are there for those special moments, to help nurture them and share life experiences like never before. We are passionate about grandparenting. We know there is no such thing as a perfect grandparent, but we want to have meaningful fun with our grandchildren and be “goodgrandparents.” Formerly, grandmothers talked over the back fence; now the back fence is the world!

“Hi, I’m Grandma Colleen to my 3 grandchildren and 12 step-grandchildren, and a step-granddaughter on the way. I love being a grandmother. I have always loved children. I’d rather play a game with a child than have an adult conversation. I love the sparkle in their eyes when they see something new. I love seeing them understand humor and laugh. It thrills me when I see the pure love with which they look at me. I love being the heroine, playmate, and friend. I love spending time with them sharing experiences and adventures. I love teaching them about the world around them and creating new games together. Being with my posterity is such a joy. What an opportunity it is to be a grandparent!

Richard Rife

Richard Rife, aka “Papa Rich,” is a founder of GoodGrandma. Richard has eight children and 14 grandchildren, along with eight step-grandchildren. He founded GoodGrandma, along …

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Colleen Rife

Colleen is a mother of five children and a grandmother to eight grandchildren and 14 step-grandchildren. Colleen has always loved children and started babysitting at …

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