Choosing a theme for Grandma’s Camp is one of the most important first steps when planning a Grandma’s Camp. A theme will help in your decision making on what to do for activities, where to stay, what to eat, places to visit, games to play, basically EVERYTHING! A theme can give you direction when planning a Grandma’s Camp.

A theme can be general or very specific. Some of Grandma Connie’s themes have been: princesses, dinosaurs, western, sewing, and sports. We recommend choosing something that is age appropriate for the group of grandkids as well as include hobbies or activities that interest them.

For instance, Grandma Connie’s first camp was all girls and for the conclusion of the camp, she had a princess tea party! Grandma Connie found a local party place where the girls got their nails done and put on a fancy dress for a tea party. They got all dressed up, makeup and all, and had a proper tea party. The younger siblings and cousin of the three girls were invited to join in for the tea party. All of the girls had on fancy dresses from the event center, but Justin, the only boy in attendance, went with Grandpa Bob across the street and rented a tux for the occasion. It is a fond memory of the six oldest grandchildren in attendance. And parents were not invited.

As Grandma Connie and Grandpa Bob continued having Grandma’s Camps, they found they needed additional hands to help out. They recruited another older grandchild to be the camp assistant. The rule was that they couldn’t have a sibling attending the camp, keeping it fair for all attending.

The year with all boys in attendance, cousin Megan was the camp assistant and helped with the hike. The following camp, cousin Madi assisted with the various activities. The last and final Grandma’s Camp, cousin Ryan served as the camp assistant. Grandma Connie was always good at finding a good deal on matching shirts to go along with the theme. We think it was also easier for her to keep an eye on them when they went out on adventures.

If you were to ask Grandma Connie’s grandchildren which activity with Grandma they like best with her, they would definitely say Camp Grandma! In fact, some of the twenty-year-old grandchildren have recently asked when the second round of Grandma’s Camp will be held. Good luck, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Connie!

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