This month at GoodGrandma℠ we want to focus on how to kick off for Grandmas Camp. The original GoodGrandma, Grandma Connie, always started with an Open Ceremony of sorts. She would have a flag ceremony to kick off the week, and each day.

Here are some other ideas for a Grandma’s Camp Opening Ceremony:

  • Pirates Theme – Treasure Hunt to find the theme for the camp.
  • Water Theme – Start with a water fight.
  • Generic Theme – A family dinner with everyone.
  • Camping Theme – Give each grandchild a flashlight with the theme attached.
  • Scouting Theme – Have a flag ceremony and recite the Scout Oath.
  • Princess Theme – Present the “princesses” with crowns.
  • Family Theme – Make a flag with the family’s coat of arms to hang each day.
  • Dinosaur Theme – Dig in sand to find “bones” with the clues to the theme.
  • Spa Theme – Get pedicures with matching nail polish.
  • Dog Theme – Go to a pet store and announce the kick off to the camp.
  • Hawaiian Luau Theme – Have a luau.
  • Olympic Theme – Play the Olympic Theme Song as the grandchildren march in to camp.

Honestly, the options to an opening ceremony at Grandma’s Camp are endless! Last month we suggested choosing a theme. Now that you have the theme, it’s time to plan the kick off. It can be simple or elaborate, you decide. One suggestion would be to make it memorable. If you can tie in an emotion to the activity, it’s bound to be something the grandchildren will remember in years to come.

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