GoodGrandma℠ Family Vacation Preparations Continued…

Here are a few of the things we have planned for the grandkids while we are all together enjoying the sunshine:

Daily Themes ~ Dinner Themes: Toy Story (Pizza from “Pizza Planet”), Coco (Tacos with a Mexican Fiesta), Cars (Hamburgers & Hotdogs at a 50’s Diner), and Moana (Hawaiian Haystacks at a luau). Morning Activities/Crafts: Little Mermaid (bubbles and Wikki Stix (seaweed)), Frozen (Frozen character tattoos, Frozen character washcloths, and for breakfast frozen waffles), Tangled (jump ropes and friendship bracelets), and Mary Poppins, my favorite, a little goodie bag with trinkets to entertain the grandkids on the way home. Most of the items listed were purchased at the Dollar Tree. Bedtime Stories and Snacks: Jungle Book with Papa Bear (Papa Rich and gummy bears), Snow White (Grandma Colleen and apples), Finding Nemo with Marlin (Papa Rich and goldfish), and Up with Russell the Boy Scout, everyone will join in for s’mores on the beach.

Family Photos ~ We have hired a photographer to come to the beach and take photos of the family. Rich humored last time and admitted it was nice to have photos of everyone. I sent out a reminder letter of what to bring and paint palettes of the preferred colors. We will have the photos taken early on with the hopes no one is hurt of sunburnt for the pictures.

Papa Rich and Grandma Colleen House Rules ~ Last time we went we brought a poster board and had everyone help to establish the rules. This time we are using the word “PLEASE” to set our rules.

  • P – Pick up after yourself
  • L – Listen to others
  • E – Eat what you take
  • A – Always be quiet before 7 AM and after 9 PM
  • S – Speak kindly to others
  • E – Eager to pitch in and help

At a recent girls camp, I learned an amazing trick to help with the amount of trash collected. We had so much trash last family vacation that we ran out of space. This time we are taking “clean up” to a whole new level. Lauren will be teaching the song from girls camp and everyone will be responsible to POUR their cups, SCRAPE their dishes, and STACK them. Thus, helping with the collection of trash; we will have created our own trash compactors.

Other Preparations: Music ~ I have downloaded all of the soundtracks from each of the movies on to my phone. Fun playlists, don’t burn yourself out on Disney songs. Exercise Time ~ Last time Laura lead out our exercise class and created several workout stations. With each station, you could earn a letter towards a clue to win a prize. It was lots of fun and a great work out, I was sore the next day! Everyone was given a California hat for participating. Laura will again be doing our exercise class and I will be leading a yoga class on the beach. Ugly Swimsuit Contest ~ What can I say about our Ugly Swim Suit competition? Holy Cow! It was pretty darn amazing two years ago! I am curious to see what this year brings. We had prizes for the ugliest swimsuit, they were random items from the local thrift store, but it’s amazing what you can find. YES! I know! I have planned and over planned this family reunion for our children. Fingers crossed that it will all go well and everyone will have a Disney dream come true!

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