At what age do have grandchildren attend Grandma’s Camp? There are several opinions on what age to start having sleepovers with the grandkids; seven and up, potty trained, sleeping through the night, etc. At Camp Grandma with Grandma Connie, she had the grandkids who were eight or turning eight in the year come to her house for their camp, having only a few grandkids at a time. However, we have friends who have all the grandkids come all at the same time with the kids who are eight or older sleeping over, but the kids under eight need to be picked up by a certain time that night. Trying to find the right age to hold a Grandma’s Camp can be tricky. We have a few suggestions.

Suggestions for Sleepovers at Grandma’s:

  • Make sure they are familiar with their surroundings; open the closet doors, look under the beds, walk around the house with them.
  • Have extra nightlights that they can use follow into your bedroom if they need to get you in the night time
  • Know their routines to help ease some anxiety. Do they shower at night? Do they get a bedtime story? Do they have prayer time? Bedtime snack? Do they get electronics at night and for how long? What time is their regular bedtime?
  • Have them pack a few of their favorite things from home to bring with them. Like stuffed animals, blanket, a special toy, or a picture.
  • If you are having a group of grandkids over have a calming bedtime activity; movie, book with Grandpa, deep breathing 🙂 Whatever it talks to calm them down. We suggest our app of the month from March: Sleepy Sounds App.
  • EXHAUST THEM! Wear them out during the day! Bike rides, walks, swimming, anything to use up their over abundance of energy!
  • Have a few little gifts on hand for them to choose from if they are having a hard time. Maybe a new sleep shirt, slippers, a toothbrush, special toothpaste, a fun nightlight, etc.

At what age do you think it is best to have sleepovers or begin Grandma’s Camp?

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