Two years ago Richard and I took our combined family to play at the beach in California. We affectionately call our combined families The McRife’s (McCann and Rife combined). While in California we took the entire crowd to Sea World. Rich and I both felt that it was a once in a lifetime trip to help build relationships between our children and their families. It turned out to be an AMAZING FAMILY TRIP. It was a perfect trip, the food was good, the location was incredible, no one got hurt, we created new memories, and had a spectacular time. The only thing missing was Hillary, who was on bed rest while pregnant with Jude, and Brian, who had just started a new job and wasn’t able to join us. Here are a few photos from the trip in 2016.

Now fast forward almost two years! Here we go AGAIN! We are taking our combined family of 36 people to play in the sun, and this time we are taking the entire crowd to DISNEYLAND! This was our Christmas present in 2017 to our family. We found a beach house through Beachfront Only Vacation Rentals that will accommodate the entire clan. I believe I have taken planning and preparing to a whole new level. With a Disney theme gathering, I went a little crazy. Just as GoodGrandma℠ says when planning a Grandma’s Camp, start by choosing a theme to base the activities around; something everyone enjoys. And who doesn’t love Disney?

Christmas Disney PJ’s for a family Disney Vacation!

Family Vacation Preparations to be continued…


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