GoodGrandma℠ would like to talk about RULES for Grandmas Camp!! We aren’t going to go over all the rules there can be at camp but just go over some of the most helpful ones. Rules can depend on who you allow attending Grandmas Camp. Are all the Grandkids invited or just certain ages? Your rules will depend on who is there. For example, as we have mentioned before for Grandma Connie’s Camps, she had the 3 grandkids that were 8 or turning 8.  Most of us aren’t as lucky as her to have our grandkids come in groups of three. After you have decided the age that will be invited and theme for camp, you can start to set the ground rules.

  1. The first rule should be to have fun! This is your opportunity to spend quality time with your grandkids! Don’t stress! They are just going to be happy to be with you and away from their parents. 🙂
  2. Set boundaries on tech time: some, none, downtime, etc., whatever works for you. Set boundaries on calls home, but also be sensitive to grandchildren with parents that are separated, they may need to be in contact with their parent while away.
  3. Bedtime rules. You may not have a certain time that you make it to bed every night but its good to let them know expectations and general times.
  4. Remind them of the basics: If you get it out, put it back. If you open it, close it. If you spill/drop it, clean it up.
  5. No whining!
  6. Lastly, remind them to be nice to each other. Some grandkids don’t live by each other and may have different ways of doing things. Help them to all understand that they need to be kind and respectful of one another.

Happy Camping!

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