GoodGrandma℠ doesn’t want to start a debate on whether video games are good or bad, but rather give IDEAS to making video games fun! Believe me when I say I’ve had my fair share of video game frustrations with children, and grandchildren. All children, including adults, should have well-communicated expectations to the types of games played — with set guidelines as to where, when, and with whom you will be playing videos games.

Papa Rich and I currently have three-game systems in our home. We have a Wii, XBOX, and an XBOX 360. I am sure there are current high-tech systems out there. However, we aren’t in the market for anything new. I want to think the grandkids enjoy playing our antique video games. I remember playing on the ancient Atari system and thinking, the horizontal line moving left and right, hitting a little circle, which ricochets from side to side is so cool!I have to admit I think I was pretty good at it. 😂 Video games have come a long way!

In case you need additional IDEAS, check out our Pinterest Board ~ Technology IDEAS! We have four categories to help find the right games, and more importantly, the perfect rules for playing video games.

  • Apps, Video Games, & Websites
  • Movies
  • Screen Time
  • Tech Savvy Grandma

Here’s another great IDEA! Order Mine Chest for your MineCraft lover. It’s a monthly subscription full of fun activities, and it can be ordered right here on Check it out! 👵🏻🧡💡

Oh, and one more IDEA! Halloween is just around the corner. If your gamer can’t decide the perfect costume to trick-or-treat, try one of their favorite video game characters. 🎃

Here are a few games and apps GoodGrandma has highlighted in the past.

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