At GoodGrandma we like to highlight a different app each month. I like to have apps on my phone ready for my grandchildren to play. For the month of April, we have chosen Infant Zoo as the app. Infant Zoo is made for ages zero to five. “WIth simple, high-contrast illustrations, engaging animal sounds, animations, and stimulating ‘bubbles’, Infant Zoo is designed specifically for newborns and young babies. Infant stimulation can help improve your baby’s attention span, memory, and curiosity, while research has shown that the secret to infant visual stimulation lies in high-contrast colors. Use Infant Zoo and its high-contrast visuals to help calm and soothe your baby as well as increase concentration skills, enhance natural curiosity, and stimulate the creation of brain cell connections.” Infant Zoo: Visual Stimulation & Sound for Babies treebetty LLC. The app is free, and you can upgrade for $3.99 and have additional animal pictures and animal sounds.

Beau, at six months, was the first grandchild to view Infant Zoo. We had so much fun trying it out! Beau was a little nervous at first. He would watch the egg and when it hatched and make the “boing” sound he wasn’t sure if he wanted to laugh or cry! It was hilarious! He started to watch our faces to see if he should respond crying or not. Once he saw us laughing he was a little more at ease. Although the boing sound was still of concern to him, he did finally enjoy the app.

Whitney, five months old, also tried out the app. She was interested in the colors and didn’t seem bothered by the sounds. However, she does have an older 2-year-old sister who may have numbed her to the startling sounds. She was happy to sit back with dad and see the several eggs turn into an animal and make an animal sound.

Baby Romi, almost two months, gave the app a try as well. The colors brought her attention to the phone, but not for a long period of time. She too has older siblings and lots going on around her. We did the app for several minutes and then took a break. It was good to see her focus on the colors and lock in on them. She may enjoy Infant Zoo even more as she gets a little older.

GoodGrandma likes Infant Zoo and would recommend it to other Grandmas to have for their infant grandchildren to try.

Infant Zoo

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