Our GoodGrandma℠ App for July is Sound Touch. It’s a simple app and young children love it. I have found that they pick their favorite category and tend to repeat the same picture. Jude likes the dogs and will go through all the different dog pictures. Willow tends to look at the wild animals, where Copelyn loves the horses! Reagan likes making the sounds right along with the app.

Sound Touch is for kids ages 2-4. Kids tap a picture in one of the six categories; farm animals, wild animals, birds, vehicles, musical instruments, and household items, and a photograph of the object comes up along with the sound it makes. Not all of the categories are provided for free. To get the full version it is $1.49 a month. Most of the photos are pretty basic and there are some with kids smiling doing chores. Wait, what? There are kids that do that? 🙂


  • Sound Touch is narrated in 35 different languages!
  • The app is very easy to use – your child merely has to touch a picture to open an item.
  • Bright, colorful images that little kids love.
  • 408 beautiful HD photos accompanied with 408 high-quality sounds.
  • 6 categories: animals, wildlife, birds, vehicles, music-instruments, household.
  • Each category has 12 different items.
  • Each item has 5-6 different sounds and photos.
  • Includes popular classical music pieces.
  • Children love the fun; parents love the learning.


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