GoodGrandma App of the month of May is Smart Baby Sorter. This is an app is designed for children ages two and three. However, even 12-year old Lauren likes to play it! As a former kindergarten teacher, I highly recommend this app to help with learning to sort and categorize. GoodGrandma had Copelyn (age 5), Willow (age 3), Raegan (age 2), and Jude (age 1) give it a try. Of course, the older children found it easy to catch on and complete the different levels. However, even our two-year-old was able to master the first few levels on her own, and it didn’t hurt to introduce Jude to sorting. He seemed to enjoy learning and trying. A shout out to their mommies and daddies for helping with GoodGrandma’s App of the Month.

“Smart Baby Sorter is an easy to understand and exciting app for the early development of children from 2-3 years. Compare and sort objects with one touch. Each child will be able to play regardless of his or her age. The app includes 12 mini-games with different color combinations of the objects under study. The games are built on the principle “from the simple to the complex” and will keep your child occupied from the very first minutes. The child will get acquainted with a variety of different concepts and objects and learn to distinguish them.” Smart Baby Sorter HD – Early Learning Shapes and Colors/Matching and Educational Games for Preschool Kids

Smart Baby Sorter

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