GoodGrandma℠ ‘s App of the Month is an app I used in the classroom when teaching 2nd grade and kindergarten. GoNoodle is an app with hours of fun and educational activities. Loads of teachers use this app at school, but it can also be used at home. GoNoodle’s mission is “to support kids, parents, and teachers, and we are standing with the teachers speaking up and walking out in states across America to fight for better funding for their students and schools.”  – GoNoodle

Recently I went to play with my granddaughters, ages five and three, and we did A-Moose-Ta-Cha. At first, they weren’t sure what I was doing, but after showing them how to do the silly routine, they wanted to try. When their mom returned home we showed her what they had learned and by the end of showing their mom, we were all laughing! It was a fun playdate and a memory we now share!


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