Sewing Classes with Grandma Connie

GoodGrandma℠ considers herself blessed to have a mom who is so talented at sewing! She is an amazing seamstress! She can even perform miracles in her sewing room. Years ago, my sister had a picture from a magazine of a dress she wanted her bridesmaids to wear at her wedding. My mom made the bridesmaid dresses from a photo! She’s that good!

My mom, Grandma Connie, has provided many sewing lessons over the years. She has taught sewing skills at her Grandma’s Camps, when visiting grandchildren’s homes, and recently, Paige came into town for additional lessons from Grandma Connie. I love that she shares her talents!

She is a knowledgable seamstress and is patient with her students. She is an exceptional teacher! I know she loves sewing and quilting! A bonus, she is willing to do most mending projects; she doesn’t care much for replacing zippers. In addition to lessons, she has made personalized bags for my children, personalized duffle bags for my grandchildren, and personalized beach towels, twice! She is the BEST!

I am grateful for her talents! She blesses many with her talents and skills! Tell us, what are some of your abilities and talents you share with grandchildren?

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