Personalized Bags

Here’s a gift IDEA from the original GoodGrandma℠! For Christmas, Grandma Connie gave every grandchild a personalized bag with their name embroidered on it. It was a fabulous gift! We all loved them so much, we have asked for them again! The grandkids loved having their own bag and parents loved knowing whose stuff was whose! It made for a easy tote to take when visiting grandma’s house. This was such a great gift, we just had to share the IDEA with all of you!

Grandma Connie bought the bags and with her fancy sewing machine she added the grandkid’s names and a little something to make it truly theirs. If you don’t have a machine to add the names, there are companies who sell them with the names already on them or you can find a local place that offers the sewing service.

Personalization Mall


Oriental Trading

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