National Yo-Yo Day!

GoodGrandma℠ loves games and activities from my childhood; jacks, hula hoop, pick up sticks, yo-yo’s, hopscotch, sidewalk chalk, hide and seek, freeze tag, red light green light, kickball, etc. I happened to mention the game of jacks to a couple of tweens. They didn’t know about the game! It’s time for all GoodGrandmas to teach the simple yet fun games of our childhood.

Today is National Yo-Yo Day! Gather the grandkids and show them a few tricks. Pick up a hula hoop and give it a whirl. It’s been years since I spun that thing around my middle, and my center is much bigger now! I was never very good at it; not much has changed. But, the grandkids now have a hula hoop at Grandma’s house. Sidewalk chalk is always available at Grandma’s. Currently, I have drawings on the driveway to prove it! My favorite game was hopscotch. When I use sidewalk chalk, I always make hopscotch and play!

I also found a new ball for kickball. At one of our future family gatherings, we need to have a kickball game with the kiddos! Next, I need to find some jacks and start practicing. Then I’ll set up jacks tournament with the older grandchildren. If you have forgotten the rules of the games, go to Red Tricycle. They have an article about Classic Yard Games for Kids and how to play. It’s Reason to Celebrate! Be a kid again, and have some fun!

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