A Father’s Day Golf Wreath

Welcome, June! Time to change the wreath on the front door. With this month being the month of Father’s Day, GoodGrandma℠ decided to go with a golf theme. Papa Rich loves to golf, and he is pretty good at it too! We are ready to welcome the grandkids, and other visitors, to our home. The porch pillows, made by Karlenes Kreations, and the DIY golf wreath turn out pretty cute if I do say so myself. ⛳️

Golf Wreath Materials

  • Wire Wreath ~ Dollar Tree $1.00
  • Green Burlap Ribbon ~ Dollar Tree $1.00 each/Seven rolls
  • Sunflowers ~ Dollar Tree $1.00
  • Burlap Ribbon ~ JoAnn $6.99/Wasn’t available at Dollar Tree
  • Golfer Sing Sign (Optional) ~ Etsy $6.99 plus shipping
  • Used Golf Balls
  • Twine from home
  • Thin Wire from home
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Total Cost $23.00

Instructions: Start by bringing the burlap ribbon in between the wires on the wreath. Have the fabric make a bump in front to add volume to the wreath. Use hot glue to keep the ribbon in the desired location. Creating the right look takes time, and can be a little tedious. Lauren and I worked on it together one night when neither one of us could sleep. It turns out one of the burlap ribbons was a different shade of green. I didn’t notice until later until the sun came up. I had to take that portion off and replace it with the matching green. I guess working on projects in the middle of the night isn’t such a great IDEA! 😂

Next, hot glue three golf balls together. I was going to use the RIFE balls but decided the used ones were a better and more practical choice. Use thin wire to secure the balls to the wreath, as well as together. I also glued a twine bow to each other sets of golf balls. I used sunflowers for the porch, as well as the wreath, adding a splash of yellow. 🌻

Lastly, add a burlap ribbon at the top to hang the wreath. I was going to use green burlap ribbon but decided the tan burlap color looked better. I was a little concerned about a green wreath on a greenish front door. It turned out fine. It’s different enough greens. I am still waiting on a “Golfer X-ing” sign, which I will attach in the middle of the wreath. It’s the final touch and will be here by next week. I think I’ll need to post an update when it arrives. 👵🏼🧡💡

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