After posting about our Not So Furry Grand story, Raegan’s pet betta fish Nemo, GoodGrandma℠ learned more about the care and keeping of a betta fish. Thanks to Cece Q and Sage who shared information with me through Instagram, I decided it best to do a follow up post story and correctly inform viewers about betta fish.

According to Sage, “Bettas need space to explore, so they can show their natural behavior and get the right exercise and enrichment.” Sage also suggested a cave or plant to give the fish a place to hide if it becomes stressed. In addition, Sage says to keep the bowl clean a filter is best, as well as a larger bowl. A three to five gallon tank is recomended. By using a filter, it will keep the water from becoming toxic, which can burn the the fish’s gills and scales. “Bettas are tropical fish so they need a heater, they’ll be too cold and won’t be as active or comfortable without it, it also aids their digestion,” says Sage.

Cece Q also suggested a larger bowl with a filter and warm water. As well as decorations for the bowl and places for the fish to hide. GoodGrandma thanks Sage and Cece Q for their helpful advice and information. GoodGranmda’s next visit to see Reagan I plan to make the necessary changes to keep Nemo healthy and happy.

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About a Betta Fish

Betta Fish Care: How to Take Care of a Betta Fish ~ Petco

How to Take Care of Betta Fish ~ petMD

Nemo, A Not So Furry Grand

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