Sometimes Furry Grands aren’t so furry. For instance, Raegan’s fish, Nemo. Recently, Aunt Madison took Raegan on a date. While they were out, they stopped by the local pet store. A total surprise to Raegan’s mom, that night Raegan returned home with a new betta fish which she quickly gave the name Nemo.

A week or so later, GoodGrandma℠ went to visit Raegan and noticed Nemo didn’t have any marbles at the bottom of his bowl. I promptly took care Nemo and bought him some pink marbles to put in the bottom of his bowl. I bought pink marbles knowing it’s Raegan’s favorite color and that they match her fish, Nemo. This purchase made it easier on mom, making it possible to clean Nemo’s bowl less often. This was a simple and inexpensive purchase to make things better for Raegan’s pet fish and giving Nemo a cleaner place to swim.

Raegan’s mom mention that Nemo is a picky eater. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Nemo only eats the creel from the fish food and leaves the rest, making a bit of a mess on the top of the fish bowl. However, Raegan loves her pet fish and is eager to help feed the picky eater, as well as clean his bowl with mom. This little fish from Aunt Madison is a great way to teach Raegan responsibility and service.

Side note, a good rule of thumb, probably best not to buy a pet for a child without the parents’ prior permission. 😉

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