This past week GoodGrandma℠, along with several grandchildren, celebrated the marriage of Madison and Colin. Aunt Madison is loved by her nieces and nephew very much! Madison takes Raegan on regular date nights, watches her nieces and nephews from time to time, and showers them with love and attention. They love their Aunt Madison and are excited to have a new uncle, Uncle Colin!


The wedding day was perfect! After the marriage ceremony and congratulating the happy couple, the family took several pictures at the temple before heading to a family luncheon. The luncheon was held a location close by, the food was delicious and the toasts to the beautiful couple were heartfelt. Madison and Colin truly make an fantastic couple, a dynamic duo.

That evening, the family had a reception in their honor. It was beautiful garden reception! The highlights of the evening were the delicious pizza being served by a food truck, the doughnut wedding cake, and of course the amazing dance moves on the floor. Uncle Colin can really rip it up on the dance floor. He danced with his nieces and nephews, performed the Russian toe touch jump flawlessly, and even threw in a backflip at the end. At the close of the evening, the couple was sent off on their honeymoon with an Ecofetti send off. Again, it was a perfect day, and the grandkids enjoyed every minute of it! Congratulations, Aunt Madison and Uncle Colin!

The next day, Raegan’s parents were sent this picture below from daycare. Raegan, like her Uncle Colin, can really dance and she’s good at eating pizza too, I guess. LOL! Grandma was proud of her performance on the dance floor—and throughout the long day. Good job, Raegan! A few days later, we were told that her parents have signed her up for dance classes! Papa Rich and I will have an additional dance recital to attend this year and we can hardly wait!

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