Back to school shopping time! As Lauren is only child left home (our caboose), GoodGrandma℠ went shopping with Lauren and spent some much needed one-on-one time with my baby. This year, I asked Lauren to earn her own school clothes money this year (okay, I paid her for doing chores). She wasn’t thrilled with idea at first, but quickly caught on. I found it interesting when I overheard a few of Lauren’s friends commenting that they wished they had a way to earn their own money. To make it easy on me, I created a checklist, and Lauren earned money for each completed chore. At the end of the week, she would add up the check marks, and I would pay her. She was good about keeping her money in a safe location and wasn’t tempted to spend it on other stuff. It was also a no pressure summer earning program. If it was a busy week, and she didn’t get a chore done, it was okay. We both had to be a little flexible with our busy and eventful summer schedule. I added in some “exercising chores” to help with her strength and conditioning for gymnastics.

Lauren enough money for her back to school clothes. Between her chore chart, a Beanie Boos and lemonade stand, and a few babysitting jobs, she was set. We scheduled a day and we mapped out our plan. We went to several stores looking for the pants she really wanted. I don’t get it–why do we spend money on ripped, worn-out jeans? All in the name of style, I guess. Lauren mostly needed some new shirts, and luckily, Rue 21 had a “buy one get one half off” sale, and she liked the style. Lauren walked away with seven new shirts and an eighth shirt she paid for and gave as a gift to her cousin Logan for his birthday.

When I was first parenting, over 27 years ago, I taught my older girls to look for the sales, go to the clearance rack first, and find clothing items that can mix and match, creating the feel of a larger wardrobe. I took the opportunity to teach Lauren, but we also enjoyed some time walking around the upscale local mall.

I believe Lauren came away from our shopping excursion pleased with her purchases with her own money and happy to have my attention all to herself. I know I had fun and loved seeing her beam from ear to ear finding the perfect outfit for the first day of junior high school.

Forever 21

TJ Maxx

Rue 21

Sally Beauty

Beanie Boos

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