National Pi (3.14) Day = PIE

To all the math geniuses out there, its Pi Day ~ 3.14! It’s the day to eat all the PIE you want! Pizza counts too (pizza PIE)! So, go get yourself a slice or two of Pi, and enjoy! FYI, my favorite is pumpkin, in case you want to know!

GoodGrandma℠ is always looking out for everyone. So, if you don’t like PIE, it’s also National Potato Chip Day! Get yourself a handful, or a bag, of delicious salty chips: barbecue, cool ranch, sour cream and onion, or cheddar! Celebrate and eat some chips. Except, the ketchup kind, don’t eat those!

#NationalPiDay #EatPie #NationalPotatoChipDay #EatChips #StayHealthy #DoNotEatTooMuch #GoodGrandma #ReasonToCelebrate #GivingGrandmasGoodIdeas #Celebrate

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