Let’s Take A Nap!

Who needs a national holiday to take a NAP? GoodGrandma℠ is totally fine with taking naps, any day, any time! What about you? Do you like naps? I am totally taking advantage of this national holiday and getting in a good long nap!

Here are a few IDEAS on how to get a GOOD nap!

  • Nap Early ~ Don’t wait until late in the afternoon to take a nap.
  • Limit Nap Time ~ My dad is the best power napper ever! He doesn’t have to set an alarm. He can lay down, check out, and wake up 10 minutes later. It’s an art, a real talent! For those who haven’t mastered the power nap, set a timer for 10-20 minutes. Don’t over nap.
  • Best Place to Nap ~ Locate the best place for you to nap and be consistent with your location. I personally like our living room love seat. It has the best pillow roll for my head and just the right space to curl up for a quick “pick me up” nap!
  • Focus On Breathing ~ It make it a quick nap, or a power nap, breath deeply and think about your inhaling and exhaling. Allow your body time to truly relax and let your thoughts be about resting. This will aid in falling asleep quickly.

Don’t worry if you can’t sleep. A rest is as good as a nap. Take time to refuel you! GoodGrandma hopes you get a chance to celebrate National Napping Day! Catch some Z’s!

Here’s another fun GoodGrandma post about napping, Grandkids & Your Energy Level! #NationalNappingDay #NappingDay #TakeANap #REST #GoodGrandma #NapTime

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