Happy National Librarians Day!

GoodGrandma℠ has our own amazing librarian, and we would like to honor her! Give it up for our Book Guru Grandma, Judy! Judy was an elementary school librarian for 32 years, and she is absolutely wonderful! I remember when I was a little girl and Judy, my mom, was working as a librarian. It was fun for me to go to school with her, eat lunch with her, and at the end of the day, go home with her.

Judy, our Book Guru Grandma, taught the Dewey Decimal System. She read books to my whole class, as well as other classes. When holidays rolled around, she would decorate the library to celebrate. I loved how she used props on top of the bookshelves to help us locate books. Today, when I run into friends, they ask me if Judy is still a librarian and always tell me she was their favorite!

My mom taught me to love all kinds of books. Ever since she became a grandma, whenever my kids go to her house, she reads them their favorite books. Librarians are the best, especially my Mom! Celebrate today with your favorite librarian!

Be sure to check out Judy’s book recommendations, our Book Guru Grandma and favorite librarian!

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