Happy April Fools Day!

GoodGrandma℠ would like to remind you it’s April 1st, April Fools Day! So, don’t get fooled. Or maybe you want to play a trick on the grandkids? 🤪 Have you ever wondered why we celebrate this holiday? It’s not known when and where April Fools Day or All Fools Day began. However, it is believed to have started as far back as 1582, when France changed their calendar, changing the date of the New Year . Those who were slow to make the change became the butt of a joke. Thus, began the “Reason to Celebrate” practical jokes.

I have always told my children, a joke isn’t funny unless both parties are laughing. I like to play clean! If a joke causes harm or makes someone upset, in my opinion, it’s not funny. Woody, from Toy Story, said it best, “Play nice!” 🤣

GoodGrandma has a Pinterest Board of lots of IDEAS for this very occasion. Here are a few of my favorite:

So play nice, have fun, and make a memory! Happy April Fools Day from GoodGrandma! 😜

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So play nice!

A special thanks to Pete Linforth for the Emoji pictures!

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