Book Recommendation from Our Book Guru Grandma

My favorite story to read for Earth Day is entitled Our Tree Named Steve by Alan Zweibel and David Carter. In this story, a family is building a house in a wooded area, and when visiting the lot, the children see a tree that they love. As a result,the tree was named and saved, and it became a very important part of their family’s lives. After years had passed, the children were away visiting their grandparents, and lightning hit the tree, and it couldn’t be saved. Before the children returned, their dad had “recycled” Steve the tree, into a tree house for the children, built in another tree nearby.

This book is written in “letter” form, and is a tender, love-filled story of family, friendship, and the little events and miracles that tie a family together.  I read this aloud every springtime, to children first grade through 6th grade.

Another title, Brother Eagle, Sister Sky with wonderful illustrations by Susan Jeffers, is a beautiful message from Chief Seattle, directed to the government of the United States, when the government wanted to purchase the lands of his people. It reminds us that we cannot continue to waste or destroy nature, or we will destroy ourselves. Beautifully illustrated, tender words of warning, and showing a powerful love of the land, and our responsibilities toward it.

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