Hunting for Easter Eggs for Teenagers

GoodGrandma℠ would like to thank Bits of Everything for sharing their smart phone Easter egg hunt for older kids! Our caboose, Lauren, wanted a challenge to the Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning. Papa Rich and I celebrated Easter with the grandkids a couple weeks earlier, leaving Lauren to hunt for eggs by herself. Fortunately, Madison and Colin joined us for the holiday festivities. They were Lauren’s assistants in her high tech Easter egg hunt.

Lauren loved the scavenger/smart phone hunt. Bits of Everything made it super easy! They prepared the hunt, supplied information, and provided a free download. Here’s how it works:

To receive your clues using the QR codes, you will need a device (iPhone, iPod, Android, etc…) that you can put apps on.  There are several free apps you can use to scan your QR codes very easily.  The one that I use is simply called “Scan.” When the QR code is scanned, it takes you to an image on my blog that has the clue on it.  Simple as that.

This was such a great IDEA, GoodGrandma had to share. Plan ahead for next year’s hunt and have a high tech hunt for the older grandkids!

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