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Hello dear friends! Happy Easter month! Hope all is going well with all of you sweet little grandmothers. Isn’t it great to see a little spring? It has been chilly here  in Utah, one or two days, then springy (is that a word?) And then…back to winter. But my tulips are about to burst forth, so it is encouraging. Seems like spring and fall are the most comfortable temperature wise, and beautiful color wise, and those seasons don’t seem to last long enough. I guess it makes us appreciate them more.

It has been my experience that there are not too many Easter books for the older grandchildren, but more for the youngers. (Another strange word? Somebody call Webster). Last year we talked about Chicken Sunday, by Patricia Polacco, which I always read to the older kiddos. Hope you were able to buy or find a copy to read. Starting with 2nd and 3rd grades we read one of the Cranberry books by Wende Devlin and Harry Devlin called Cranberry Easter. I may have mentioned that even though these books are older, they remain my favorites.  The protagonists are always the same in all of these books, and only the antagonists and situations change.   

The main characters are Maggie, who seems to be about 12 or 13 years of age, her GRANDMOTHER (yea) and Mr. Whiskers, a retired sea captain who lives nearby. In this story, Seth, the owner of the general store in Cranberryport, is lonely after his wife, passed away. He feels there is nothing tying him to Cranberryport, and is thinking of moving away to a warmer and easier lifestyle. That means, that there would be no Easter Egg hunt, which is sponsored by his store. Maggie learns about it, and tells her grandmother. Grandmother has friends, who live alone on large farms, and are finding the winters too lonely and hard to bear. They come up with an idea! Why not fix up the upstairs rooms in Seth’s general store, so that in the winter, the ladies could have rooms in town. When they talk to Seth about it, he says that the rooms are full of old furniture, and the rooms have been neglected for many years. But after much persuading, Seth realizes that this would be the solution to his and their problem. The idea takes hold, and the whole community pitches in to sell all the old furniture to buy paint, and then to  clean, paint, polish windows and make curtains. Best of all, the sewing circle ladies dye lots and lots of Easter eggs, the the great hunt is back on schedule. Seth and Mr. Whiskers hide all the eggs on Easter morning, and it is Mr. Whiskers turn to be the Easter Bunny at the great hunt. (His costume is hilarious with his whiskers sticking out from under the chin of the bunny). The hunt is saved, a good time is had by all, and bonus! There is a real recipe included for Cranberry Cobbler! (The kids loved that)! They always wanted me to make a copy, and I wonder how many cobblers were really made.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. The following is a list of other stories for different age groups.  Hope your Easter is wonderful. Squeeze those grandbabies for me.

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