Furry Babies are family too! As grandparents to Furry Grands it’s important to know our role and how to be supportive of our kids “babies.” We visited with Cloey, a mother to an adorable Golden Retriever, about her furry baby, Neko.  Neko has been a part of their family for six years.  Cloey’s parents have always had dogs and Neko fits right in. When visiting grandmas house there can be as many as ten dogs there at one time. However, Neko’s dad Jeff, his mother is not as accustomed to having pets. It took some time for her to warm up to Neko’s visits, but now Neko is welcome there anytime, but with a few more boundaries than at the other grandparent’s house 😉

Nekos grandparents have always given her Christmas gifts and ask about her on a regular basis.  One of Nekos grandpas, when ending a phone conversation, will tell them to give Neko a snuggle for me.  One year Chloey accidentally forgot Nekos birthday and was reminded by Jeff’s mom. Neko is also lucky a lucky pup to have a grandma who makes her homemade dog biscuits!

With the Furry Grands in your lives, GoodGrandma suggests taking a few extra minutes when visiting them, acknowledge the Furry Grands on holidays, and be willing to have them stop by for visits  – sometimes they are your children’s children before they have kids.

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