GoodGrandma℠ ‘s Gift of the Month for the month of June is a homemade gift for all the Grandpas and Dads in your life. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th and coming up quick! Lauren and I decided to make a homemade trophy for her dad! We found an old trophy at a second-hand store spray painted it gold.

GoodGrandma Goof! Don’t spray paint on a garbage bag, it’s super sticky and sticks to the plastic. Use newspaper when spray painting. Also, wear gloves when moving items around and are still wet. I now have a gold thumb! Better yet, wait until the items dry before moving them. I guess I learned the hard way?

Next, we found some things around the house (you can find little things from a dollar store that works too). We used items that represented the person we were making the trophy for. We then spray painted the little item’s gold. We used an old Superman figurine, a small foam football, a golf ball, a small football helmet, a matchbox car, and a bobblehead baseball player. Lauren’s dad likes the Cubs, but the bobblehead was a Yankees player. However, with the spray paint, he will never know. We then used hot glue to glue all the little items to the gold trophy. Lauren is 12 years old and was able to use the glue gun on her own. If you have smaller children or grandchildren making the trophies, be sure to be extra careful not to get burned.

Once you have the items glued to the trophy you will want to spray paint it all over it again to make sure it is covered completely and super GOLD! This will also help keep things in place. Finally, when it is dry, you can use a Sharpie pen to add, “Happy Father’s Day” or “#1 Dad.” This is an easy and inexpensive fun gift. You can make trophies for all the Grandpas and Dads in your life and have each trophy as unique as each of them!

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