It’s June, wonderful Grannies!  Those grand-darlings will be out of school, and perhaps you will be taking some vacations with them, going to see them, or just spending more time with them (hopefully to read some really good books)! More cuddle time! Yea!

We also get to celebrate Father’s Day or should we say Grandfather’s Day? To go along with that, I recommend a book called Now One Foot, Now the Other by Tomi dePaola. This little book has a copyright of 2006, but Amazon still has copies for sale at around $8.00. I notice it is still getting five stars! Perfect! It has Mr. dePaola’s wonderful and simple illustrations and teaches us all about empathy and understanding, and the close bond that can develop between children and their grandparents.

The story is about a little boy named Bobby, who is named after his Grandpa Bob. Bobby loves Bob very much, and his grandfather teaches him lots of wonderful things, especially how to walk. Bob would hold Bobby’s hands and say, “All right now Bobby. First one foot, now the other.” Then Grandpa Bob suffers a stroke and is taken to the hospital. Bobby doesn’t see him for a very long time and is very sad and lonely without him. When Bob finally does come home, he is very different.  He doesn’t move very much, and when he tries to speak, he makes strange sounds. Bobby is frightened by the changes, but slowly adjusts, and helps Bob to improve. He helps him learn to feed himself, laugh at Bobby, and form some words. One afternoon, he asks Bobby to help him walk. Bobby has Bob put his hands on his shoulders, and then he says, “Ok, Bob. First one foot, now the other.”

If you cry reading this book, it’s ok! I’m pretty sure you will. I still do, even after reading it to school children over and over again. I liked the game with blocks that Bob and Bobby played in the story, and it inspired me to go out and buy blocks and play the same game with my little grandchildren. We had a lot of fun with it, and I hope you will as well.  Enjoy the book and play the game and a very happy Grandfather’s Day to you all!

Book Guru, Grandma Judy

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