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Makeshift Grandma’s Camp

Recently, GoodGrandma℠ had the opportunity care for two granddaughter’s while their parents were away. Our time together became a makeshift grandma’s camp. We had four days and three nights to make memories. Knowing I am no spring chicken, I planned our daily activities accordingly.

DAY ONE: We met up with a few cousins at a local bounce house. The seven grandkids bounced and bounced, and wore themselves right out. Nap time on day one was a success! 🙌🏼

DAY TWO: A day to play at grandma’s house, as well as a visit to Granny and Pop’s house. This gave me a chance to catch my breath and recharge. Raegan decided the day needed to be a pajama day. I loved her IDEA!!!🧡💡

DAY THREE: We took a trip to the zoo!🦒🐘🐅🦏 It was a little chilly, but because of the weather, we had the zoo to ourselves the first couple hours. It turned out to be a lovely day to visit the zoo. Of course, if the zoo is a topic of conversation, I must quote Papa Rich, “Let’s go to the zoo, to see the animals poo.” 😂

DAY FOUR: The last and final day happened to be on a Sunday. ⛪️ We attended church before having family, and the girls parents, join us for an early Easter celebration. 🐣 Raegan and Whitney’s parents were happy to see the them. The girls were happy to be able to stay and play a little longer at grandma’s house.

I loved the IDEA Grandma Maddy, Mad Dog, shared with us. When she holds her annual Grandma’s camps, she makes the boys an album of their adventures. I made two small photo books of our time together. The loved looking through the books of all our fun! We made awesome memories!

Photo Albums from Grandma’s Camp 2019

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