Say hello to the newest member of our family! We are so excited to welcome Häsli, a Bernese Mountain puppy, to the crowd as our tenth Furry Grand. We recently held our monthly family gathering and were able to meet this cute little girl. Mary had asked if she could bring her since she still requires a lot of attention, and of course, I said YES! I was so excited, I already had a gift to give Häsli.

When I went looking for a gift at the local dollar store and found a little container with red dog bones on it and a little bag of doggie treats, a perfect place to store the training treats to keep them fresh. The gift cost me only $2.00 and it made the grandkids happy! It’s the little things that matter. We love all of our Furry Grands: Bristol, Boston, Häsli, Rusty, Luna, Winnie, Wesley, Kai, Marco, and Polo!

What are some of the things you do for your Furry Grands? Do you buy them gifts? Have you ever been asked to watch them while your kids are gone? Are there activities or games you like to play with them?

Bernese Mountain Dog

Dollar Tree

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