My maternal grandmother, Grandma Livingston, was widowed during the depression and left with little means. She was a very hard worker and taught me many lessons. When I was senior in high school the dance team I was on was in need a chaperone for a week-long trip. My grandma stepped right up; she was 70 years old! We had a blast! All the girls called her grandma and she loved every minute of it. Years later when writing her life history, she called to make sure she had everything correct about the trip–she remembered more and better than I did. There are a lot of stories I could share about her but I want to focus on her purse.

There was always a stick of gum for each of us in that purse–there was never much money in that purse but she always had Juicy Fruit gum. It was just a little “I love you” that we knew was there. I’ve tried to have a “grandma’s purse” with gum, tissue, quarters, and even a bandage or two if needed. Just last week my daughter needed a tissue, and her husband said: “We should get some of those little packs.” Her reply was ” Why there’s always some in mom’s purse.” I knew I had a purse like Grandma Livingston, and I this made me very happy.

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