GoodGrandma℠ has reason to celebrate! We are excited to highlight our one and only, Papa Rich. He is a very remarkable man! We would like to share just a few character traits that anyone who knows Rich would agree he exemplifies: devoted, honest, generous, kind, funny, passionate, knowledgeable, gracious, loyal, loving, and the list could go on!

Richard was an adorable child and very obedient. When he was learning to play the piano, he would practice every morning, without being asked. Okay, he was obedient, but he practiced the piano so his mom would let him go play baseball when he got home from school. Richard loved playing baseball and has many fond memories of his games from the past.

Richard has always had a good work ethic. As a teenager he worked with his dad at the printers and on many occasions missed out on the different social activities. His dedication to hard work paid off in his studies at college and law school. Richard has had a very successful career.

Richard has six children and 12 grandchildren, and with Colleen, he has five step-children and three step-grandchildren. All together, the family is at 36 and still counting, and every single one loves their Dad, their friend, their Papa Rich!

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