GoodGrandma℠ would like to share A GoodGrandma Spotlight, please welcome Grandma Ia.

My Grandma is the oldest of four Brazilian grandma sisters, and she is awesome! Her name is Marília, but all the family call her Grandma Ia. I was the one to give her the pretty nickname by the way. She’s married to Grandpa Renê. They have three daughters and one son and six grandchildren and counting (probably two more grand-babies next year). They are also anxiously waiting for the first great-grandchild, that is not even on the way yet but already has a handmade knitted jacket.

Grandma Ia. is always present in all her grandchildren’s lives and she makes a huge effort to treat them all equally. She is very strong, active, religious, intelligent, loving and kind. She has held all of us in her lap and given her helping hand to us for whatever we need, and she still does! Grandma Ia likes to play cards, to dance, to knit A LOT, and she is a big fan of flowers. She is going to be 80 years-old next year and is already planning a big party. She is also my Godmother. I have learned so much from her, that I believe a big part of me is a piece of her. I even got her flaws like being afraid (panic) of cockroaches.

When I am a grandma I’ll be very happy if I can be half of the Grandma she is.

Love you, Grandma!

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