GoodGrandma℠ would like to share a fun IDEA. This is an idea that you can do as you build your life together as a family or as you add on to your life’s adventures. When you are building or adding on and you need to pour cement for one reason or another, you can put your families handprints in the wet cement. It’s a fun “concrete” way to make your place of residence YOURS, and the kids love doing it! Don’t forget to add the date when you are making your handprints.

Here are some of the families handprints from current homes and homes from the past. We may have jumped a few fences to get the pictures of the ones from years ago!

How to Put Your Name and Handprints in a Freshly Poured Driveway by Chris Deziel

Handprints in the Concrete by The Pioneer Woman

Damon D’Amico YouTube

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