Summer is fast approaching and it’s time for family reunions! Reunions are for being together and creating memories. For Grandpa Bob and Grandma Connie, family reunions were always a good time to have fun new shirts for everyone. Whether it is matching family colors for pictures, funny ones with silly sayings, or even a selfie of Uncle Weston, everyone was matching! One reunion Grandma Connie did shirts that explained who everyone was according to their relation to Bob: Bob’s Wife, Bob’s Daughter, Bob’s favorite daughter-in-law (Jane customized that one!) The shirts were a hit! The company where Grandma Connie ordered then started making other items with “Bob” on them: Bob’s Socks, Bob’s Clock, Bob’s Tie, etc.. Let’s just say, Grandma Connie loves a theme for a reunion or party, and Grandma Colleen is a lot like her mom (see the link below “Christmas PJ’s).

Grandma Colleen’s Family ~ Christmas PJ’s

What On Earth – A Collection of Really Cool Tees and Stuff

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