This amazing Guest Grandma teaches her grandchildren preschool. She is a retired kindergarten teacher. She shared her story on GoodGrandma through Facebook. Here is her story about one of the many adventures she has with her “Grandma’s Preschool.”

I wanted to create a Guest Grandma post about what we did the other day, but I was too busy herding little ones. I teach my three-year-old twin grandchildren at my “Grandma’s Preschool.” We recently learned about the letter Dd and read a book called In the Diner by Christine Loomis and illustrated by Nancy Poydar, where in the story they sit on old fashion stools to eat at the diner. So, to celebrate, we went to the local drug store where they have Diner stools and we had grilled cheese while sitting on their stools. We topped it off our lunch with an ice cream cone! It was a fun field trip for my grandchildren at “Grandmas Preschool!”

Christine Loomis, Author

Nancy Poydar, Illustrator

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