I try to post something on everyone’s birthdays in order to make them feel special. Two years ago, I posted a collage of pictures of the birthday boy or girl. Last year I posted a picture of the birthday boy or girl from a trip we took to the beach. This year I have used my iPhone to create a short 30-second video of each person for their birthday. iPhone users are able to create videos of family members and/or friends with a touch of a button. For those who have an iPhone, pull up your photos. In Photos, look for an album named “People.” In this album, you can select a person from your photos and name the person. Your phone will search for that person’s face and you can confirm that in fact, it is that person (some of the grandkids have siblings that look a lot alike, and I am glad I can reorganize the “People” album and get the correct person in each grouping). As you take more pictures of any one person you will automatically be creating an album with all the photos of that one person. Once you have several photos, you can generate a video highlighting that particular person.

I have also been able to figure out how to edit the script of the name, the song playing on the video, the length of the video, and which pictures are used in the video. It’s been fun to put the videos together and share them on their special day! Now if you have an iPhone or iPad you too can create a video of your grandchildren too!


I have a few videos below as examples and since we see a lot of my grandkids here at GoodGrandma, I thought I would share a few videos of my children.



People Album


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