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When GoodGrandma℠ has a “GoodGrandma Approved” product or service, it’s because we want all Grandma’s to know about it! Perhaps you’ve heard? We have book subscriptions through GoodGrandma’s website. GoodGrandma offers subscriptions to Elmo’s Learning Adventures, Disney Book Club, Dr. Seuss and His Friends, Baby Einstein, Bluum, and Mine Chest! The amazing book subscriptions are definitely a GoodGrandma Approved product!

We knew we loved the products, but what about the grandkids and their parents? Recently we sent book subscriptions to several of our grandchildren for further approval. Our first Book Subscription Review is Sesame Street, Elmo’s Learning Adventure. GoodGrandma sent Elmo’s Learning Adventure to granddaughters Raegan and Whitney. Three boxes have been delivered. The girls recognize the boxes and know what’s inside! They know it’s a gift from Grandma Colleen and Papa Rich!

The girls mommy told us the girls get so excited when the box arrives. They love receiving two new books, 8 flashcards, and two workbooks with each box. They enjoy reading the stories with their favorite characters, and mom appreciates the different educational topics; rhyming, letters, numbers, animals, sorting. Mom said, “We are very much into rhyming right now, and the rhyming story was perfect!” Whitney, 18 months, loves the flash cards. Raegan, three-years-old, enjoys the workbooks. When I asked Mom her likes and dislikes of Elmo’s Learning Adventures book subscription, she responded, “I have no dislikes. We love them!”

A simply message to all the GoodGrandma’s out there… Order your grandkiddos a book subscription today! Click on the link below to find the perfect books for your little ones.

Children’s Book Subscriptions with GoodGrandma

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