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GoodGrandma℠ recently sent Jack a subscription to Mine Chest. He loved it! It arrived in a box that looks like a box from Minecraft. He was so excited to open it! Inside was a T-shirt, plush MineCraft toy, and collector pin. All of which arrived in a box he immediately recognized! Being a meanie, I am made him wait to open it.

This is such a great IDEA to send your grandkids who love Minecraft! Jack just got his second box, and was so surprised to have yet another box! I again made him wait. 😏 This box had another T-shirt, collector pin, a scroll with stickers, and an awesome blow up toy (which he hasn’t stopped hitting his siblings with). He loves Mine Chest and he gets so excited every time he sees a Mine Chest box in the mail!

Mine Chest is “The official subscription box crafted by Minecraft lovers for Minecraft lovers. Every chest is filled with exclusive Minecraft merch, such as a full-color T-shirt or other apparel item, collectibles, toys, and more. Every Mine Chest is designed to let adventurers of all ages bring their love of the game into the real world with items that players will enjoy wearing, collecting, and creating.” Order your grandchild a subscription today!

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