Grandma Sent-A-Box

A Guest Grandma, Karen Miller, asked this question,”I would appreciate advice from other Grandparents whose children are far away from them. What do they do when they get with them to have fun and how do they stay close when they are so separated?” This reminded Grandma Connie of a story from years ago. Grandma Connie was so good about sending a box for holidays and events that any time a box would arrive at out of state grandchildren’s homes they thought it was from Grandma. In fact, Megan, who was living in Minnesota, opened the door and saw a box and shouted, “Grandma Sent-A-Box!” Because of that statement, Grandma Connie had the sign made, “Grandma Sent-A-Box” and she hung it where she stores her empty boxes. And all this happened even before Amazon existed! So, our question, along with Karen Miller’s, how do you stay close with your far away Grandkids? Please add your comments or email us at


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