GoodGrandma℠ would like to share a little cat story with you. My dear friend, Fritzi, lives in the city and has always had cats. When I lived with her and her family, many years ago, the family had a cat named Lovey. She was a sweet cat, once we understood each other. At first, Lovey stayed distant. Then one night when I was the only one awake, Lovey came into the family room and was trying to warm up to me and win my affection, at least that’s what I thought. Then, in a blink of an eye, Lovey took a swat at me and scratched my face. I guess she wanted me to know she was in charge. Well, the next day, Lovey did warm up to me and we became friends. Which was a good thing since we were living under the same roof for a year.

Fritzi and her family loved their cat Lovey. When Lovey passed away, Fritzi adopted another cat. Here is the story of “Cats in the City” from Fritzi herself…

When my cat died at age 16, I went right away to a adopt-athon and bought two rescue cats home with me It became evident that Inka, the black cat had been abused and was very scared of being around people. She spent a lot of the time under the bed and still today, two years after I brought her home does not like to be patted on her back and will not let you pick her up. Max, our big orange male cat, must have been misplaced by his family as he is extremely affectionate and eager to be with me all the time. I feel sorry for his family who apparently let him out of their apartment by mistake and he had no identification so they were unable to find him. Max and Inka are not particularly fond of each other but they do tolerate living together and Inka does give Max a bath occasionally. It’s delightful to have two little furry faces happy to meet me when I come home from work each day. They go out to the end of Long Island with me for a month in the summer and enjoy being on the terrace and chasing chipmunks and birds around our property. Although they are really indoor cats they seem to adjust to being outside during the summer without any difficulty.

When I travel a few times a year for 5-6 days, a friend will come and feed them and give them a little TLC until I return. They are both quite playful even though Inka is about 5 years old and Max is about 10 years old. They love catnip mice and toss them around my apartment. When I come home at the end of the day and unlock my apartment door they race out into the elevator hallway as if they can’t understand why I stayed in the elevator hallway all day and would not let them come out to play! My children and grandchildren adore Max and Inka and both of my sons and their families have cats and dogs. My daughter has an allergic husband so they do not have any, but their little children love to come and visit my cats. Each cat has his or her own personality creating unique interactions. If you have never tried it,  adopt a cat I think you’ll find it is a wonderful experience! -Fritzi

A special thanks to Fritzi for sharing her story. I recently went to visit and was able to meet and care for Inka and Max. They are loving pets and very much a part of Fritzi’s life. In addition to meeting Inka and Max, I was able to catch up with Fritz’s daughter, Field. It had been a long time since I had a chance to see Field. She was five when I lived with her family, and now Field is a mother of two beautiful girls. I have many fond memories of the time I lived in the city with Fritzi and her family. One memory was coloring with Field, and boy did all that coloring pay off! She now an award-winning artist!!!

Field Kallop

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