GoodGrandma℠ is excited to share a wonderful “A GoodGrandma Spotlight” story about a lovable Furry Grand named Dozer. He is a special pit bull with a Nana who adores him. He’s kind of a big deal! Dozer’s mom, Tausana, shared this story with us.

We rescued Dozer from The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas September 2015. I instantly fell in love with his big head and docile like behavior. Amir was hesitant about him aesthetically. Initially, Amir had his heart set on rescuing a much younger dog. I wasn’t oppose to that idea, but after seeing the large number of older forgotten dogs that filled the hallways, we were convinced we wanted to get the oldest guy they had. Animal control found Dozer maced and in a ditch. The shelter does what they can for these dogs with what they are provided with, but his health at that point was unclear. What we did know was he had a double ear infection, that was being treated but progressively getting worse and possibly blind from being maced and from years of abuse (that was apparent from the scars all over his body). His internal state was questionable. We were told by the volunteers they believed he was seven years old judging from his teeth.

At this time Amir and I lived in a one bedroom apartment on the third floor and were sneaking him in and out of our place for bathroom breaks. We couldn’t tell management about him for a couple reasons: 1. His breed was banned from our complex (eye-roll), and 2. Pet weight limit was 65 pounds (he’s 100 pounds). Amir plays baseball professionally and is gone from home eight months out of year. My hours as a hairdresser range anywhere from 10 to 12 hour days. We clearly didn’t think any of this through when rescuing a dog with separation anxiety, but we were so desperate to save Dozer we figured everything would work out. This is where the blessing of a “GoodGrandma” came into play!

My mom would come everyday, sometimes twice a day, to our apartment with my niece and they would take Dozer for a walk. After their walk, she would make sure his socks were put back on his paws (allergy purposes), give him fresh water, and I’m sure gave him more treats than I would allow, before she would leave. Dozer quickly became everyones favorite in our family. My mom would have us over for dinner and she would cook a meal for Dozer as well. He is included with holidays, family trips, Christmas gifts, quality time, etc. When people ask my mom about her grandchildren, she never holds back on letting people know she also has a “furry grandchild.” Dozer’s favorite person is his Nana. She’s spoils him with kisses, belly rubs, and in my opinion, way too much human food. When I confront her with this, her response is, “I’m the Grandma.” Which she is telling me as Nana she’s allowed to do whatever for her furry grandchild.

Amir and I have tried to make Dozers life as perfect as we can. We want to make up for the lack of love in the first seven years of his life. Whenever I travel I always try to take Dozer we me. My best-friend, Paige, is an hour flight, but I would rather drive seven hours to bring Dozer with me. Not to mention, Paige’s 2 1/2 year old Portuguese water dog Kai is Dozer’s best-friend (surprise). They weren’t left with much of an option. Kai is much younger and more energetic than Dozer, but he is so patient and kind when sharing with Dozer when we come to visit.

We’ve recently decided to make Dozer a big brother. We rescued Dash from the same shelter we rescued Dozer. Dash was rescued this past July, and has been a great addition to our family! He’s spunky, cuddly, and a little naughty. I think the second child tends to give you a harder time. Nana spoils and loves Dash as mush as she loves Dozer. We all love our Nana and are so grateful for all of her love and service for two of her five grandkids.

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