Greetings, Grannies! Can you believe it? I nipped into a store this past week, and the retailers are putting out all the school supplies! I keep thinking it is still June! Guess it’s because we had a very quiet 4th of July. Anyway!  Happy times, even though they go tooooo fast!

Today’s book is perfect for summer reading, and school-time reading, because it is a great mix of imagination and fact, even if the facts are held back until the very back of the book. It is a story that unfolds, literally! You’ll see!

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me is a delightful book by Eric Carle. If you are not familiar with his books, I hope you will run, not walk to the nearest library or bookstore. His books are outrageously fun, and the kiddos love them!

The story begins with a young girl, Monica, peeping out of her upstairs bedroom window one evening, and she spots the moon! Oh!  It seems so very close, but she can’t reach it, no matter how hard she stretches. She asks her Papa to get it for her. Bless him! He sets out to do that! First he picks up a very long ladder (This is so fun, because the book opens out horizontally from the center, and it IS a very long ladder); very dramatic! Then Papa takes the very long ladder and puts it on top of a very tall mountain (The pages fold upward)! Then Papa begins to climb, but when he reaches the moon, it is much too big (The book folds out in the coolest accordion style to show a very large moon)! Lots of ohhhs and ahhhs, from the kiddos at this point. Well, the moon tells Papa that it is much too big for him to carry, but if he will wait, the moon will get smaller, so Papa does wait, and the moon does shrink. Then Papa takes the sliver of a moon to Monica. She loves it! She plays with it until it is gone. Sad.

Then one night, she looks out her window, and the moon has shown up in the sky again! Guess what Monica does? Of course! She asks her Papa to please get the moon for her! Sometimes I would read the book over again to the students, just for fun as we thought about poor Papa. The facts come at the end of the book, where there is a chart showing the waxing and waning of the moon phases, and what they are called. Great teaching tool. This book is also great for reading at bedtime, and out of nearly 5,000 reviews, it is rated 5 stars. Available everywhere, at a reasonable cost, and is a good addition to your grannie library! Enjoy!  See you next time!

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