GoodGrandma℠ has a sweet story to share. It’s about my daughter, her grandpa, and a merry go round. Years ago, when Courtney was toddler, she loved riding the merry go round at the local mall; it was a weekly outing. One time, when grandpa and grandma came to visit, they came to ride the merry go round as well. It happened to be about the time Courtney was beginning to understand teasing and humor. I will let Grandpa Bob tell the story.

When my granddaughter Courtney was about two years old, we were visiting her family. One of the malls had a merry go around with animals that one would ride, i.e., horse, cow, etc. Courtney’s favorite was the “pig.” When we went to the mall, we took turns riding the pig. We would have fun with each other by saying, “I will ride the Pig.” She would respond by saying, “No, Grandpa, I get to ride the pig.” So we would have a friendly exchange as to which one of us would get to ride the pig. This conversation continued at their home, in the car, at meals, etc. When we went to the airport, we were waiting at the gate for the airplane to arrive. In those days you could go to the gate where the airplane was leaving. As we sat there, Courtney walked over to me on the bench and whispered in my ear, “Grandpa, okay, you can ride the pig.” We later found a figurine of a pig and sent it to Courtney.

Grandpa Bob

So sweet! Years later, Grandpa Bob and Courtney still tease one another about riding the pig. Traditions are so important and can create lasting memories. Need a Reason to Celebrate? Take the grandkids on a ride on a merry go round, make a memory, and make it a new tradition.

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