GoodGrandma℠ would like to introduce you to an amazing grandma and great-grandma, Grandma Beth. She is mother to four, grandmother to 12, and great-grandmother to seven, all of which are girls!!! They call her Mom, Gigi, and Grandma. Side note about fun Grandma names: Other grandma’s in their life are Grandma D. and Grandma Cheeto, because she always has Cheetos for them.

Grandma Beth loves to be needed and is willing to take on whatever her grandchildren ask of her. She loves to spend time with them, enjoys receiving pictures of them whether in person and on her phone. To her, spending time together means bonding time.

When asked what advice she would give her grandchildren, her response was to call their grandparents each week and stop in for a visit once a month. She mentioned grandchildren don’t need to stay long, just long enough to remember how you look! 😂 Grandma Beth laughed as she shared the 8th wonder of the world, “The taillights of grandchildren.” She loves being with her posterity, and she is the life of the party, especially at Easter and Christmastime. At Easter time, you can find Grandma Beth hopping down the bunny trail in a full bunny suit. Every grandchild has their picture taken with Grandma “The Easter Bunny,” which they decorate and frame. The yearly tradition is a lot of fun for everyone. To get ready for Christmas, Grandma Beth dresses up on Thanksgiving day in a Santa Claus suit. She is defiantly the life of the party!

We asked daughter, Kris, about her mom. She confirmed Grandma Beth loves to celebrate holidays and is spectacular and creating unforgettable holiday events.

Grandma Beth loves the holidays! Her house is known for being decorated to the hilt for every holiday. Families drive by to see all of the decoration. Easter is always a favorite for the grandkids. They are always excited to visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Easter weekend. We color eggs and have an Easter Egg hunt. We start by lining up behind the Easter Bunny (Grandma Beth in her bunny suit). They hop, hop, hop, in a line to begin the egg hunt! Each grandchild finds a specific number of eggs filled with candy and coins and one “special” egg. This egg has a $5.00 bill inside. The grandkids love opening their eggs to find their treasures. Later that day, we take our colored eggs to a large hill in town and roll them down the hill.

Grandma Beth also is very patriotic! Her home has American flags posted around the yard for the month of July. Grandma has a “flag raising ceremony,” and the grandkids help Grandpa raise the flag, recite the pledge of allegiance, and in the evening take the flag down for the night.

Grandma Kris

One event which meant a lot to Grandma Beth was the time her granddaughter invited her to a Kenny Rogers concert and the opportunity to meet him in person. Beth’s husband, Keith, shares with us this story.

In recent years a big company in Utah invited Kenny Rogers to come to their national convention. Beth’s granddaughter had a close friend who worked at the sponsoring company, and she arranged to get tickets for Beth’s family to attend the popular event.
The late afternoon date finally arrived on a hot summer day. While the family was eating at one of the booths, the friend who had supplied the tickets asked Beth if she wanted to meet Kenny. Beth was in total shock. Never did she think she would meet one of her favorite entertainers. Of course, the two went.
There was a short line of fans when the two arrived at a secured building, and each fan was able to spend 5 minutes with the star. The person in charge of this part told everyone, “DO NOT TOUCH KENNY!”
When Beth was next in line, Kenny took her hand while Beth was saying “Oh, Kenny, I’ve loved you forever,” he put his arm around her, and we snapped a picture. Beth said as she walked away, she started to cry. It was just more than Beth could take. Later she said she didn’t wash her hand for two weeks, LOL! And the frosting on the cake was a great concert!

Grandpa Keith

We love you, Grandma Beth, and you are defiantly a GoodGrandma and a GREATGrandma! Thank you for sharing your IDEAS and enthusiasm! We are grateful that we can honor you.

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