Back to School…first day picture time!!! This is a fun tradition, and one that can create loads of fun in years to come. Some of the back to school pictures I took as a mom, my daughters have taken the time to recreate. They are hilarious! I’ve included some of them in this post for your enjoyment!

GoodGrandma℠ has a few suggestions for the first day of school pictures, suggestions I could have used as a mom. Be consistent with where you take the picture. This makes it easy to see the growth of the child. Also, many moms have signs with the grade the child is attending which the child holds. Again, be consistent from year to year. I took the easy route on the whole sign thing and just had my child hold up the number of fingers for their grade, sometimes using sign language numbers to show the grade level.

It’s also best to make sure to leave plenty of time to take the picture. The first day jitters can make for some intense emotions. Lauren’s back to school picture, the year she attended 5th grade, was actually the second day of school. She was sick on the first day and wasn’t able to attend. So, if it doesn’t happen on the first day, pretend and do it another day. Be flexible and don’t force the tradition.

So, as grandma, you can offer these suggestions and support your children with their traditions. It’s also helpful if grandmas keep a record, log, scrapbook, journal, photo album, etc., of these events. This is not only for our own history and memory, but it can be helpful to your own child, as they may need information from the past or they may want to recreate history, like my girls, for a good laugh.

Costco Photo Center ~ Printing Photos

Walmart Photo ~ Printing Photos

Past Book ~ Scrapbooking or Photo Album

Day One ~ Journaling

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