Our original GoodGrandma℠ Grandma Connie had a clever IDEA! When her grandkids were younger, and they were loosing their teeth, she made each of then their own pillowcase. She made with fabric print that fit their personality and embroidered their name on it. The kids used them for sleepovers and loved being able to find their pillow easily amongst other pillows. When the Tooth Fairy needed to come visit, the pillowcase provided a perfect place to store the tooth, with easy access for the Tooth Fairy to exchange the tooth for money. This GoodGrandma Idea was great for the grandkids and their parents. Thank you, Grandma Connie!

GoodGrandma was thinking about the pillowcases and about the grandkids who live faraway and wondered about taking it to a new level. We could take this pillowcase IDEA and create a pillowcase with a picture on it. A picture of grandparents, grandma and the grandchild, or one of all the grandkids with grandma and grandpa. You could add script to it with, “Papa and Grandma Love You,” or “Sweet Dreams” on the pillowcase. This way as your grandchild lays down at the end of the day, they see a picture of you and can talk about you and remember you on a daily basis. What are your thoughts? Would this be worthy of a “Giving Grandmas Good Ideas” idea?

We have included links of where you can order your own printed pillows, as well as links making it yourself. We have also included the cost of an average size decorative throw pillow or pillowcase for your convenience. Oh, and FYI, if your wondering, Grandparent’s Day is fast approaching…it’s Sunday, September 9th. These would make a good gift from grandkids to grandparents too!

Collage ~ Cost around $11.99

Shutterfly ~ Cost around $34.99

Snapfish ~ Cost around $24.99

Walgreens ~ Cost around $19.99

Walmart ~ Cost around $16.22

All Parenting – DIY Photo Pillow for Grandparent’s Day

Sew She Can ~ DIY How to Make Your Own Photo Pillow

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